During the recruitment process, a prospective employee is given a clear vision of the career opportunity by the hiring organization but it can be a struggle to envision their personal lives transitioning easily.  They are often left to consider numerous relocation questions and concerns on their own.  Connect Delaware provides the pre-hire applicant a vision of their future beyond their career move through an initial Pre-Hire Consultation that connects their needs and concerns for acclimation to the answers and resources that will put their minds at ease.  

The prospective employee completes a confidential survey from Connect Delaware that allows us to ask the questions that a new employer cannot ask.  This goes into developing an action plan for acclimation that is reviewed during the Pre-Hire Consultation process.  There are 3 levels of consultations we have with prospective employees: 

Level 1 

A 1 hour one-one-one conversation with our coordinator to provide insight into Delaware and its surrounding areas.  The pre-hire applicant will also receive a USB drive with various resources to reference when considering making the transition, including residential options, details on area schools, health and wellness offerings, and social activities in the area. 

Level 2 

A 3 hour consult with our coordinator to review the results of the survey and provide a more personal approach to transition considerations as it relates to the individual’s personal needs.  Resources specific to those needs, such as medical conditions, childcare concerns, and other private matters, are provided in addition to the general overview of the community included in level 1.  The conversation can also be used to address additional questions not already identified and ensure the prospective employee of ongoing support after securing employment.  

Level 3 

A full day touring the local community and exploring specific areas of interest in addition to an in-depth conversation with our coordinator to review the survey results and review a customized resource plan for transitioning. Lunch or dinner is also included at a local restaurant to further provide the applicant with a hands-on connection to the community. Includes information provided in levels 1 and 2 and the assurance that ongoing support will be made available after securing employment. (Travel costs not included)