An organization connects with Connect Delaware as a Partner.   

We provide an orientation to the staff on how Connect Delaware will benefit the prospective employees and new hires, becoming an extension of the existing process and working together towards a common goal. 

Once identified by the organization, an applicant is referred to Connect Delaware. 

The prospective employee completes a confidential survey regarding their interests, needs and concerns.  Connect Delaware provides them with a pre-hire consultation to review local resources they can connect to during their transition, many of whom we’ve connected with as our Community Sponsors. 

When hired as a new employee, a connection with us is maintained, now as a Member.  

  • Dual Career Support is provided to their spouse or partner by connecting them with leading executives from major organizations in the surrounding area.   
  • A confidential assessment is completed by the new employee and a customized Community Transition plan is developed from it that leverages a network of local resources such as our Community Sponsors and is aimed at connecting the family to the community.   
  • Connect Delaware also focusses on connecting international hires with the traditions and practices of their new home for successful Cultural Transition.