While a change in employment may be a great move professionally, there’s usually family for the applicant to consider as well, especially when it means moving them away from their hometown and their partner’s own career.  It can seem overwhelming to expect that a spouse or partner will quickly find meaningful work in a new geographic area with no connections there to leverage. 

That’s where Connect Delaware steps in!  

As your local resource, we’re here to help a loved one make those connections through our broad network of partners, members and sponsors. Dual Career Support for an accompanying spouse or partner of the new hire includes the following: 

  • A customized career action plan based on their specific career goals,  
  • Insight and guidance into the local job market as they explore their own career development 
  • Opportunities to network with local executives which creates connections they might not otherwise have 

So what if the spouse or partner of a faculty applicant also requires a faculty position? 

Often a highly qualified faculty applicant has a spouse or partner also employed in higher education but the hiring institution simply doesn’t have a second position designed for their loved one’s skill set as well. Connect Delaware’s relationships with leading colleges and universities throughout the I-95 corridor allows both family members to explore academic opportunities in tandem and experience the same customized dual career support, just focused on faculty opportunities in the surrounding areas. 

New employees and hiring organizations mutually benefit! 

When a company or higher education institution partners with Connect Delaware, they’re able to offer their prospective employee a benefit unique to their own personal situation through dual career support.  Since most new hires are part of a dual income household, easing the stress of career uncertainty for their accompanying spouse or partner yields a noticeable competitive recruiting edge.  The hiring organization also benefits with better retention rates through the investment in the loved one’s career growth thanks to Connect Delaware’s network of professionals working to acclimate them to the new professional community quickly.