While the pre-hire consultation provides a prospective employee with a better vision of their new community, it’s critical to continue fostering that community connection once hired.  A new employee can feel happy and secure in their new employment but if their accompanying family is missing those connections, the happy new employee can quickly become a retention risk. 

Most employers focus their onboarding strategy on ensuring a smooth transition for their new hires professionally. They do not have the capacity to also help transition the employee and their family outside the workplace, despite how critical those social connections can also be.  Connect Delaware serves as an extension to the standard onboarding effort by connecting families to local resource within their new community specific to their personal needs and interests. 

Once hired, the new employee and family are connected with Connect Delaware for the first full year.  An initial confidential assessment asks about the special needs and interests of each family member, which is then used to personalize a network of social resources accordingly.  Connect Delaware helps instill that community connection quickly – from finding a realtor or doctor to understanding schooling options and sorting through community activities and events.  Our resource portal is also available to the family 24/7 and offers families the opportunity to connect with our Community Sponsors anytime.