Congratulations! An exceptional job opportunity has been offered and accepted.  Now it’s time to start the onboarding process while relocating to the Delaware area.  While an employer focusses on acclimating their new employee to the organization and the role they are filling, many other non-job-related relocation concerns are often left to the employee to navigate on their own.

When an organization partners with Connect Delaware however, they offer their new hires a year of guidance and networking connections to help them and their families also adjust to the new community. Through a confidential assessment, Connect Delaware has the unique ability to identify risks to early turnover and help a new employee and their loved ones feel at home.

A customized relocation plan is developed based on a new hire’s specific concerns and often includes:

  • Dual Career Support for accompanying spouses/partners needing to also make a career move due to the relocation.
  • Community Transition Assistance ranging from finding realtors to primary care doctors to visiting with prospective schools and maintaining hobbies in the new geographic area.
  • Cultural Transition Support to acclimate international hires to the traditions of the United States as well as connect them to local cultural resources focused on their home country’s customs.