Connect Delaware is a solution to the increasingly difficult task of recruiting and retaining highly skilled employees from around the world for organizations in Delaware and the surrounding areas. Our personalized approach for prospective employees relieves the stress of wondering how they and their family will adapt to their new surroundings so they can clearly envision the benefits of their new employment. Connect Delaware’s onboarding support system then follows that new employee through their first year of employment and utilizes a network of local resources to ensure the employee and all accompanying family members can truly call this home.

Connect Delaware is simply an extension of the current hiring and recruiting process already in place. When an organization partners with us, we start with an orientation to educate the staff on the process and the benefits their prospective employees or new hires will receive through our confidential services. Connect Delaware then works with your staff throughout the recruiting and onboarding process.

When working with prospective employees, there may be concerns that they do not feel comfortable discussing with a hiring manager but would be comfortable discussing with a confidential local support resource. Connect Delaware develops a personal and confidential relationship with the applicant through our survey and consultation process. This helps us identify concerns that may hinder clear consideration of an employer offer so we can work towards providing solutions to those obstacles.

For new hires, the support system they feel during onboarding is just as critical to ensure employee satisfaction and long-term retention. The new hire will receive user access to our portal that gives them a network of resources to help them establish their lives in their new home and community.

A prospective employee has various relocation stresses outside of the employment opportunity and fit. A personalized approach to their specific needs and concerns is a critical service for those highly qualified applicants wavering between multiple employer offers and conflicting family obligations. Connect Delaware will help alleviate these obstacles to give employers the competitive recruiting edge.

People are the most important asset of any organization so retaining new hires is just as critical. Early turnover can be costly when considering the time and resources invested in recruiting, relocation costs, and various hiring costs. Retention is built on investing in the professional and personal development of a new hire and Connect Delaware works with you to support them through their first year of employment to ensure they and their family see their new community as home.

A new hire is faced with a variety of acclimation concerns, especially when moving to a new geographical region. There are financial costs to consider if an accompanying spouse/partner is now faced with their own career search. There are emotional challenges as they and their family leave their former life behind. There are uncertainties as they face unknown factors about this new place they are calling home.

Through a confidential assessment, Connect Delaware develops a customized relocation plan that addresses such concerns through dual career support, community transition assistance, and if need be cultural support.

Connect Delaware has a network of Partners and Sponsors working together in a joint effort to attract and retain highly qualified talent to Delaware and the surrounding areas by supporting dual career needs within a family. A customized career action plan is developed with an accompanying spouse or partner based on their specific career goals which is used to identify job opportunities and explore their own career development with local companies that connect to their career passion.

Connect Delaware also uses this network to set up strategic sessions with local executives within an accompanying partner’s industry that help them create connections that they might otherwise not have access to. These sessions provide the opportunity to gain advice about the local landscape, ask questions about potential job openings, receive possible referrals to colleagues, and kickstart their personal professional networking.

An accompanying spouse or partner will receive user access to Connect Delaware’s talent and employer portal, providing first-hand access to our Partners. Learn more about our Dual Career Support program.

The personalized connection Connect Delaware develops imparts an exclusive VIP experience for all parties. Using a confidential assessment, we ask about the spouse/partner and children, and the special needs, hobbies, interests and more of each family member. This personalized approach helps new hires integrate seamlessly into their new community.

From finding realtors, to primary care doctors and specialty physicians, to visiting with prospective schools, Connect Delaware serves as an extension to the employer’s efforts to integrate the new hire into the organization by helping them and their family also integrate into the new community they now call home.

Cultural transition can be key for new hires coming to an organization from another country. From unfamiliar local and national traditions to cultural differences to language barriers, Connect Delaware and our network of resources help international hires transition to their new community and their new country.