Connect Delaware is an exclusive source for providing prospective employees and new hires a reason to consider Delaware and its surrounding areas their home.

Through our personalized connection with pre-hire applicants, Connect Delaware offers an exclusive VIP experience to those considering employment outside of their current geography by assisting them in visualizing the new community as home. A pre-hire consultation includes a confidential survey and one-on-one conversation that is used to understand the prospective employee’s needs, such as healthcare specialists, parental care, or even a simple hobby they’d like to maintain.

Connect Delaware allows the prospective employee and employer to focus on the most important component of the selection process: the opportunity and fit.

Once hired, we expand on that personal hands-on approach. Through a detailed confidential assessment, Connect Delaware has the unique ability to identify risks to early turnover and develop a customized relocation plan that addresses a new employee’s concerns through dual career support, community transition assistance ranging from finding realtors to primary care doctors to visiting with prospective schools, and if need be cultural support.

Connecting with Connect Delaware shows an employer’s commitment to their employees from the very start and instills a long-term commitment from employees in return.

Connect Delaware supports regional employers in attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent from all over the world. Our services provide employers the ability to gain a competitive recruitment and retention edge, with the goal of reduced turnover and an employment cost savings. Employers realize:

  • an immediate return on investment through a dramatic reduction in recruitment time
  • a competitive edge by connecting with prospective employees on a more personal level
  • an easier offer and acceptance process
  • the development of a stronger onboarding process