August 31, 2020

Kevin Cameron
CEO and Founder
Connect Delaware


Serving Boston, Austin, Philadelphia, and South Florida

NEWARK, Del. – Founded by Kevin Cameron in 2016, Connect Delaware, a Delaware dual career/partner placement and community acclimation concierge company, is now part of This expansion is the result of organic growth with existing corporate clients who have operations in multiple cities. Due to the expansion, Connect Delaware and all new Connect cities will be part of is now serving clients in Boston, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the Ft. Lauderdale region of South Florida, as well as Delaware. Connect Austin, Connect Boston, Connect Philadelphia, and Connect Florida have been operating since June of 2020.

“We are extremely excited about growing with our client and to be able to continue a high-level concierge service program in our new locations,” says Kevin. “Our team is assisting entry-level college graduates and senior level recruits with relocation acclimation. The earlier we become involved in our client’s hiring process, the more value we provide to the new hires and their families.”

The process involves an interview with each new hire or recruit to determine their specific priorities, which may include buying a home, networking within the community, fitness and health, area restaurants and other specific needs. The process is truly tailored to the individual. support also includes helping the spouses of new hires find job opportunities as well.

“Our role is to help our clients on-board top talent and improve employee retention. Companies recognize that salary, benefits, and all the perks associated with a job offer are only part of the recruitment picture. Lifestyle and the needs of the entire family are extremely important as well.”

“We are looking forward to serving other clients in Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, and South Florida. Now that we have a successful model in place, I can see bringing ambassadors on board and growing in other parts of the country as well.”


About Talent-Connect.Net is a concierge level relocation and partner placement company that operates in Austin, Boston, Delaware, Florida, and Philadelphia. provides a hiring advantage to our clients by learning and addressing the concerns and reservations their most sought after talent and their families have prior to relocation. ensures our clients have a trusted resource to assure new families that they will have the support they need as they move and that their employer places such a high value on their happiness that we are engaged to ensure they accept the offer.