Many of Delaware’s businesses, especially those in scientific research, critical manufacturing, and health care services, need to maintain their talent pipeline during this time of uncertainty. Other industries, that are now at decreased capacity, are planning the next phase of their operations including bringing strategic hires on board. How can these organizations secure and support their top candidates who are moving from out of state?

A Delaware company, Connect Delaware, is uniquely positioned to support the hiring process in today’s climate.


Addressing Relocation Concerns

Individuals considering a move to Delaware for a new position no doubt have many questions on what their life in Delaware will be like:

  • What services are available?
  • Will my spouse/partner be able to get a job?
  • Where are the best neighborhoods to live?
  • What are the schools like?

Concerns about relocation are the most critical aspect of your candidate’s decision – hiring organizations lose up to 55% of their recruits due to spouse or family apprehensions about moving to a new area. Typically, a candidate will arrange a trip or several trips to Delaware with their family to check out the area before accepting the position. Unfortunately, an in-person pre-visit at this time is not recommended by the state and likely to be inefficient as many services and institutions are closed.


Hiring organizations lose up to 55% of their recruits due to spouse or family apprehensions about moving to a new area.


The Differentiator: Accommodating for Unique Needs of the Employee 

Even in normal times, conversations about family wants and needs are not comfortable to have with a new employer and are not topics candidates can find reliable or personalized information about through online research. Connect Delaware provides concierge-level support services to enable your organization to continue to attract critical talent in today’s challenging hiring climate. Introducing your candidate to Connect Delaware helps families with their specific questions and introduces them to critical resources in the community. Connect Delaware will have in-depth and confidential conversations with your candidate. The process beings with a survey and pre-screen phone call followed by a web conference.

A recent Connect Delaware client shared their feedback, saying, “As I built my career, I have been through hiring processes with many large companies and I have never run across a service that is as unique as what Connect Delaware offers. It was a hands-on, tailored approach that was centered on my needs.”


The Connect Delaware Way

Connect Delaware advocates for Delaware and everything the state has to offer.

“We try to make their decision to move and the transition a thoroughly positive experience, so the families realize Delaware is a great place to live. We want them to understand they will be able to maintain and even improve their lifestyle by connecting them to everything their interests hold; from restaurants to shopping to education, exercise, entertainment cultural destinations and more. Sometimes the families want to find a specific connection to their culture, and we help them find it.” says Liz Allman of Connect Delaware.


“We try to make their decision to move and the transition a thoroughly positive experience, so the families realize Delaware is a great place to live.


According to Kevin Cameron, founder of Connect Delaware, dual career support is a significant aspect of Connect Delaware’s service.

“Our clients realize that focusing all the attention on the person they want to hire is not the answer. In today’s workplace, we often have multiple members of a household who want to continue to grow their career with engaging and exciting work. Working with the Connect Delaware team, the entire household is excited to make the move. It’s important to recognize that employers who don’t focus on ensuring their new employees and their families acclimate successfully, are at significant risk of the employee leaving the organization within two years. The typical cost to replace an employee is one and a half to three times their base salary, including the costs of recruitment, onboarding, formal training, and lost productivity. Add to that total, actual relocation costs which are on average $10,000.”

After completing an in-depth survey and discussion with your candidate’s spouse, Connect Delaware connects the individual to hiring managers within their field. Recent placements for Connect Delaware clients include the University of Delaware, JP Morgan Chase & Company, CompassRed, and the University of Pennsylvania. Interestingly, it has also been a springboard for individuals passionate about working with nonprofits to finally chase their ideal focus and has opened up the opportunity for many to explore creating their own organization with some network help from Connect Delaware. As an executive recruiter for 20+ years, Cameron has the right experience and connections to support dual careers in Delaware and surrounding areas. His recruiting business provides an ideal segue for Connect Delaware’s business model.

“We are fortunate to have connections with several of Delaware’s largest and most admired employers,” says Cameron. “Many of our human resource partners look to Connect Delaware for customized assistance in acclimating their new hires or potential new hires. They don’t want to leave the process to chance, especially during these trying times. We spend more time with the families than the hiring company has the capacity to do. Our employers want to know there is a person who is ready to help their new employee; someone who will make sure the right connection is made for an easy transition.”