At Connect Delaware we help employers connect their employees and families with our local community. As a result we have the opportunity to work with extremely talented professionals who have recently moved to our great area!

There is no fee to interview and hire someone from the Connect Delaware candidate pool. If there may be an opportunity for one of our new friends at your organization, please let us know!


Our friends include:

A exceptional SALES DATA ANALYST who is looking for an opportunity either in sales support or possible on project management. Our new neighbor would be exceptional in a data analytics function to help interpret sales metrics and also develop a plan for mapping future sales development opportunities.

Very talent LEASING PROFESSIONAL with experience driving a sales team of 30+ in the commercial leasing space. This professional is very well spoken, and can blend marketing, sales and leasing expertise to drive results. Our new neighbor has received many awards for being a top producer in their field.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACH. How about a blend of tai chi, with health and wellness coaching? We are looking for a part time role health coach that can provide an opportunity to lecture or present on making better health and nutrition choices.

We also have a THOUGHT LEADER interested in a medical writing role with a strong international background in oncology. Ideally looking for a part time role where she can focus on projects that make an impact for an organization or possibly even a startup.


Contact Us if you’d like more information.